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A real decision is measured by the fact that you have taken a new action. If there is no action, you haven’t truly decided. – #TonyRobbins

Are you READY NOW to Set-Up, Rise above and take action!


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Online Group Coaching (Max for 5 people)

Let’s create positive changes that will help you create a productive and fulfilling life. This package is for clients who are ready to set themselves free of the clutter that they have been having in their lives and to introduce some profound rituals and habits that will help them change and make their way towards epic freedom, boundless abundance and clarity.

The group of 5 will be a family working towards the same positive aim in a cost effective way. I believe everyone should have access to their inner giant and that’s why i offer a number of ways to help you tap into the most resourceful you.

Here is what you will achieve:

3 months of Group time with me and tribe (Virtual)

12 Sessions (up to 60min each)

Weekly Journaling

Set transforming daily rituals

Gain & Set Goals

We will share with you tools, activities & strategy

Email access for the length of your coaching package

Coaching sessions valid for the 6 months from the booking date to complete the package


Shaz can and will transform your life

Siddharth Dhawan | Celebrity | Mumbai

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Shaz has worked with hundreds of people worldwide from diverse walks of life to help them take charge of their lives and create the reality that they truly want to achieve. We have been conditioned to let our outside circumstances dictate our life results and this is why people attract jobs that do not satisfy their hearts, relationships that they are not happy with and circumstances that weigh them down. It’s time to take full control and to rise above it all, to bring a shift in awareness and change the programming that will alter your life results. Life is about Inside out journey and never the other way around. Let’s start tapping into the most resourceful you today and create a fulfilling life.

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