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Reclaim your life back! Shaz can help you overcome any limitations and help you towards living a fulfilling & meaningful life.

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If you want to transform your life and start your way up towards a much more fulfilling and meaning one than this is for you. This is the most popular package because it doesn’t matter where you are in life, these 3 months will allow you to overcome limitations, gain clarity, help you create lasting changes and take persistent action towards your goals and dreams.

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Shaz can and will transform your life

- Siddharth Dhawan | Celebrity | Mumbai

“Shaz is an extremely talented Life Coach. She supported and helped me to clarify my goals and my path. She does her job with great passion and energy. Her support has helped me stand tall, focus, surround myself with positivity and walk through my path with courage and my head high. Thank you Shaz for being Shaz and an enlightenment for me.”

- Faten Eladly | Women for Harmony | Dubai & Egypt

“We requested Shaz to host a one hour session for our Lawyers, and in that one hour she helped us realise that human beings have the potential to do great things and have the power to not just to heal but create the impossible. A true life coach with amazing energy, Shaz is simply extraordinary.”

- Shehzada Walli | Senior Legal Counsel | Stallion Attorneys Tanzania

“Shaz Alidina is a very inspiring & confident coach. My coaching sessions with her has shown tremendous difference in my life in general, personal and professional. She’s attentive, great listener, full of admirable positive energy which is very addictive and healing. She has helped me to overcome my negative emotions and baggage of the past and move towards a bright now. She has helped me awaken & own beautiful gifts that i never knew existed within me. I have transformed after my sessions with her & i can handle my situations with ease and confidence without any fears and doubts. Keep up the great work Shaz. Keep Inspiring, motivating and healing. God bless!”

- Government Official & Entrepreneur | Tanzania

“I came to Shaz at a time when I was going through a lot of emotional pain and grief due to my past traumas. I couldn’t leave the past and was not able to live my present. Today thanks to therapy sessions with my coach Shaz I was able to overcome all the mental blocks of the past, be present, live my today and enjoy every bit of my life. She is very good in her field! I am grateful to Shaz that today I am living a life free of depression and pain.”

- Gladys | Supply Chain Manager | UAE

“Shaz has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that i really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were a pleasurable experience. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes i wanted to make. In summary Shaz has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful.”

- Brand Manager | Dubai

“Shaz has a personal approach and applies in-depth intuition to her coaching sessions. Shaz is able to instantly identify the root cause of any negative thinking and mindset and intuitively knows the right path to follow to shift to enriching energy levels. Shaz has a passion to guide people to their full potentials and he goal is to see everyone become the best version of themselves.”

- Simone Greatfrield | Institutional Sales | Dubai & United Kingdom

“I was in a space where I had to either sink or swim and thanks to Shaz I decided to swim. I feel a shift, a transformation, a new me emerge. Thanks for your continuos motivation, knowledge and coaching in helping me shape myself. God bless you always!”

- Priya | Business Owner & Home Maker | Dubai

“I’ve overcome my fear of flying. I’ve accepted my past. I feel invincible & Enjoying living life now! Thanks to my Coach Shaz. ?

- Amal A | Corporate Lawyer | Dubai

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Shaz has worked with hundreds of people worldwide from diverse walks of life to help them take charge of their lives and create the reality that they truly want to achieve. We have been conditioned to let our outside circumstances dictate our life results and this is why people attract jobs that do not satisfy their hearts, relationships that they are not happy with and circumstances that weigh them down. It’s time to take full control and to rise above it all, to bring a shift in awareness and change the programming that will alter your life results. Life is about Inside out journey and never the other way around. Let’s start tapping into the most resourceful you today and create a fulfilling life.

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