Do you feel selfish to put yourself first?

Do you feel guilty for putting aside time for yourself?

Do you give yourself to others first?

Do you feel frustrated and sad that no matter how much you do, no one appreciates you?

We are taught to put others first…. Priorities should be given to making money, having a great career, keeping others happy, taking care of family… All that is great, but do you realise all that is outside of you… and do you realise that in this whole equation what we weren’t taught is how to keep ourselves fuelled up in order to have the ability to achieve anything else.

Self-love is our fuel, it’s the foundation of who we are. Learn to love yourself.. to listen to yourself and you will start experiencing positive shifts. Everything will start moving with ease and things will fall into place if you just learn to love yourself.

Your Number 1 priority should be to ground into your true self, everything else will follow.

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